Ultrasound Fights Fat with UltraShape

Have you ever heard an opera singer hit a high note and then see a crystal goblet shatter? Neither have I. But I’ve seen a YouTube video of Jamie Vendera, a heavy metal singer breaking an empty wine glass…with just his voice. In 2005, Mr. Vendera appeared on the popular television show MythBusters and proved that a voice can shatter glass. Sound waves can break things! Sound waves break things that cause pain, bringing relief. If you’ve ever had kidney stones, you know they HURT! For centuries painful kidney stones usually meant surgery.

Before sterile technique, how high do you think the mortality rate was? Well, let’s just say it was high. Surgery was so dangerous that over two thousand years ago the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates put this line into his physicians’ oath: “I will not cut for the stone; instead I’ll leave that for the surgeons.” (Surprise! Surgeons didn’t used to be physicians.)

Sound Waves Bring Relief!

Then someone who probably read a lot of science fiction came up with the brilliant idea that maybe kidney stones could be broken up… without surgery…using sound waves. By focusing ultrasonic energy onto a kidney stone, the stone fragmented, and lithotripsy was born. Since 1980, the treatment of kidney stones could finally be done without cutting for stone. Thus proving once more: Sound waves can break things!

Ultrasound + Shape = UltraShape

And that brings us to UltraShape. By focusing pulsed ultrasound energy just as a magnifying glass focuses light, UltraShape targets the fat and breaks up individual cells. Sound painful? It’s not. Here’s why. Ultrasound can do two things: It heats up tissue and it can cause mechanical vibrations. UltraShape works not by heat but by creating extremely small bubbles to form with the mechanical vibrations. The rapidly vibrating microbubbles then break the walls of the fat cells. And the fat cell is gone. Poof! As violent as that sounds for fat cells, the other tissues in the area remain undisturbed, which is why there’s no swelling or bruising.

That’s why we decided to bring UltraShape to Allegro MedSpa. Even though we already offer liposuction and CoolSculpting. While liposuction offers the most comprehensive fat reduction, not everyone wants or can have surgery. CoolSculpting has offered many patients noninvasive fat reduction with little or no downtime. But if the problem area isn’t pinchable and won’t fit into the application head, then CoolSculpting isn’t an option.

CoolSculpting can require two to four cycles to treat a whole belly, while UltraShape can treat all at once. Thus, there are fewer constraints with UltraShape. Elastic bands are wrapped around the patient to compress the fat so it bulges maximally for a more effective treatment. Changes in contour are generally apparent by two weeks. For best results, three or more treatments are done spaced two weeks apart. The treatment times vary depending on the number of zones treated.

What Do Patients Say about UltraShape?

I asked some patients to describe what their UltraShape experience was like, and here's what they said: “I felt almost nothing, just occasional warmth in the treatment area, like warm water. I found that it was actually relaxing! After it was done, I got off the table easily, without discomfort, almost like nothing was done. "I had no swelling. After the UltraShape treatment I felt slimmer!" “Those elastic straps really exaggerate the bulges and felt like a corset. My advice: Don’t not to look down! I call them the straps of shame! “It was very easy, actually almost relaxing. The light vibration was less noticeable than my cell phone. I couple of times I felt some warmth. As soon as I mentioned it, the practitioner moved to another area, and it subsided immediately." “Afterward I got dressed, and I was right back to work – no mess, no fuss, no issues." "After one treatment I am even more excited about this technology." So are Dr. Canales and I!


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