Two Patients Tell All About Viveve Female Rejuvenation

We asked two real patients to share their experience with Viveve, our favorite non-surgical female rejuvenation treatment. It uses radio-frequency energy to improve laxity of the vaginal canal, crêpe labia skin, vaginal dryness, overall sexual sensation, and urinary stress incontinence. We know that venturing into the world of female rejuvenation can be overwhelming, and we hope this helps to answer your questions. Meet our patients, Natalia and Jacqi (real names have been changed to protect patient privacy). Natalia is a 36-year-old Administrative Assistant, happily married with two children ages 4 and 9. Jacqi is a 52-year-old Medical Professional and empty-nester in a long-term relationship.

Q: Why did you choose to do Viveve?

Natalia: Vaginal leaking (urinary stress-incontinence) was affecting my everyday life after having kids. I was so sick of it! I also wanted more sensation during sex with my husband.

Jacqi: Being in my 50’s and undergoing hormonal changes, I desired more lubrication and increased sensitivity during sex. As an active person, I started to notice my loose labia were bothering me during long runs and when I played tennis. I heard the treatment could help tighten this area.

Q: How did the treatment feel?

Natalia: It was actually really comfortable and I’m kind of a baby when it comes to pain. The practitioner made me feel comfortable. It wasn’t awkward at all.

Jacqi: It was overall very comfortable. You have to get used to the sensation. It gets warm and then cools down, but after a few minutes you start to know what to expect. The external area was a little more stimulating, but the numbing cream kept me comfortable during the treatment. The practitioner was very knowledgeable and checked on me several times to make sure I was doing well.

Q: Did you experience any side effects?

Natalia: None at all.

Jacqi: I felt pressure for a few days after treatment, especially on my run the next day. I contacted my practitioner to make sure this was normal. She reassured me that this can be a side effect. The treatment hits close to the urethra and since I’m prone to urinary tract infections, this can cause a feeling of pressure. The sensation went away completely after a couple days.

Q: Did you notice any changes immediately after treatment (within 24 hours)?

Natalia: I didn’t notice anything immediately, but after a couple months I felt a major difference.

Jacqi: Right away I noticed an improvement in the appearance of my labia. They were much fuller. It was amazing!

Q: How long has it been since your treatment? What results do you notice now?

Natalia: It’s been 6 months. I definitely still feel an improvement with my urinary incontinence. Now I can actually go on trampolines with my kids, haha!

Jacqi: It’s been 3 months. I notice more sensitivity and lubrication during intercourse, which was my main concern. My partner and I both notice my vagina is tighter. Running is much more comfortable for me now too.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share your experience undergoing a female rejuvenation treatment?

Natalia: I didn’t realize there were any non-surgical options before I started searching online. I’m really glad I was able to do something that didn’t require downtime. It would have been impossible with two young kids! I’m really happy with my results!

Jacqi: It’s definitely increased my confidence, which in turn has increased my libido. I’m glad I invested in myself and look forward to my annual maintenance

Would you ever consider (or have you already tried) female rejuvenation? Share with us!

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