One Patient Gets “Real” About Underarm Sweat and Odor

No matter how much you read on a cosmetic treatment such as miraDry, it is sometimes hard to feel like you are getting the big picture. Let’s face it, there are details that only someone who has walked in your same shoes can share. So, to answer some of your most common questions we spoke with one of our patients about her treatment experience.

Meet Marcy: Marcy is a 35-year old woman from Petaluma, California. Out of respect her privacy, we did not use her real name for this interview.

How long have you struggled with underarm sweat?

I have fought with continuous underarm sweating for years, ever since I was in my late teens. This was more than frustrating, I was completely embarrassed by the wetness and stains on my t-shirts and clothing. Things got to the point that I always wore a sweater to work, just so that my coworkers would not notice.

How did you first hear about miraDry?

My sister heard about MiraDry when she was in for her routine Botox appointment and told me about it. I was excited and made an appointment right away.

What was your miraDry consultation process like?

The staff was very kind, no one made me feel silly or uncomfortable for making an appointment to address my excessive sweat. After a review of my medical history, the practitioner explained what to expect during the miraDry treatment itself, then she made sure I had realistic expectations regarding the results. She assured me that there would be no adverse effects of eliminating my underarm sweat glands, since there are more than 2 million sweat glands all over the body. After a miraDry treatment, your body still has the ability to stay cool and perspire as normal.

Tell us about your miraDry procedure –

Once I was comfortably settled onto a treatment table, the practitioner used a small needle to place a local anesthetic under my arms to keep me comfortable during the treatment. Next, she applied a small temporary ‘tattoo’ along my armpit, marking where the miraDry hand piece would be placed. During the actual treatment, she set the small applicator along the skin, sucking up a small section of tissue. It felt alternated between feeling hot and cold. In total, my miraDry session lasted about an hour.

How did the miraDry treatment feel, did it hurt?

The local anesthetic kept me completely comfortable. I do not do well with pain, so I was very nervous at first. However, while I did feel some warmth during the miraDry application, overall my procedure was painless.

Did you experience any side-effects after treatment?

For the first several days after my miraDry session, I noticed a little bit of swelling under my arms. The area was not really tender, but it felt partially numb and tingled intermittently. Within 10 days, I could not tell I had anything done. I would say the side-effects were not troublesome or uncomfortable.

How soon did you notice improvements from the miraDry session?

I could not believe the immediate reduction in underarm sweat! From the time of my treatment, my arm pits have not been wet or damp, at all.

How long has it been since your miraDry session?

It has been six months since I had miraDry and I’m still amazed at the ease of this procedure. One session is all it took to get results that are honestly, better than I ever imagined.

How would you assess the final results of miraDry?

After years of underarm moisture, no matter the weather or the situation, I am thrilled to comfortably wear t-shirts and sleeveless shirts without any fear or concern. My results are fantastic.

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