Five Things You Need to Know About Nonsurgical Female Rejuvenation

As we age, vaginal tissues can elongate and stretch. Pregnancy and childbirth put additional stress and strain on our vagina, creating lax skin and muscles that might not bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape. Female rejuvenation refers to a unique set of techniques designed to combat these changes by enhancing a woman’s genitals, either externally (known as the vulva) or internally (the vagina). Some female rejuvenation techniques are surgical, such as the labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.

However, with the innovative Viveve treatment, women now have an exciting option for nonsurgical female rejuvenation. Most women know that our genitals are made from delicate tissues that can change over time. Dr. Heather Furnas and the team at Plastic Surgery Associates are here to share five things you may not yet know – but should - about how Viveve can restore confidence and self-esteem through vaginal rejuvenation.

#1 Viveve Does Not Involve Surgery

Viveve is completely surgery free – meaning no incisions, no sutures, and no chance for serious complications, such as infection. Even more important, as Viveve is nonsurgical, it does not require any downtime. Women can come into our office during their lunch break, and after their 45 minute Viveve session, get right back to work or family responsibilities. Read more about two of our patient’s Viveve experiences here.

#2 Viveve Improves Both Internal and External Tissues

Viveve uses concentrated radio-frequency energy to gently warm the deepest layers of tissue. This process stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, kick-starting tissue renewal. Skin and muscles will gradually become more resilient, with improved tone and elasticity. As Viveve 's radio frequency waves address vaginal tissues internally, external tissue such as the vaginal opening and labia will also become more taut. Dryness and stress incontinence will see a significant decrease, while sexual sensations become dramatically stronger.

#3 The Power of Radio Frequency Mean Only One Viveve Treatment Is Needed

Many of the noninvasive female rejuvenation treatments available today require several in-office sessions to see results. Not Viveve. Using cutting-edge radio frequency energy, Viveve successfully triggers collagen production and the body’s natural healing ability, improving vaginal tone after only one, 45-minute session. Even though Viveve warms the delicate vaginal tissues, the applicator has a unique cooling system which keeps women completely comfortable during their treatment.

#4 Viveve Has an Impressive 97% Worth It Rating

RealSelf, the go-to online source for everything aesthetic, gives Viveve a 97% Worth It Rating. More than 30 patients have left testimonials and detailed reviews of the technique, which time and time again receives glowing praise. Viveve 's one-of-a-kind ability to tighten the vagina, increase sexual satisfaction, and decrease urinary incontinence, all without discomfort, downtime, or serious complications, make the nonsurgical female rejuvenation technique a winner!

#5 Viveve Will Be Your Little Secret – And We’ll Never Tell

The best part about Viveve is that it is all about you! Take time to care for your body, increase your self-confidence, and up intimate pleasures by scheduling a confidential Viveve session. The noninvasive technique takes less than an hour, and without any post-treatment restrictions, gets you back to your daily life right away. No one will ever know you had the treatment done. However, over the next month or two, as the collagen builds and your tissues get tighter, you will feel and see a difference.

Find Out What Viveve Can Do for You

Our experienced patient coordinators can further explain the procedure and assist in scheduling a confidential female rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Heather Furnas or Dr. Francisco Canales. Take a minute to do something just for you today, reach out to Plastic Surgery Associates about Viveve.

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